Install Vagrant on Windows 10

In this tutorial, How to install Vagrant on Windows 10. Vagrant the essential for DevOps Roles.

vagrant ansible

Required Tools

  • Virtual Box
  • Vagrant
  • Git

What does Vagrant work?

  1. Creating and destroy VMs.
  2. Starting, stopping and restarting VMs.
  3. Access to VMs.
  4. Networking and WM setting
  5. v.v

Step by step install Vagrant on Windows 10

Step 1: Installing Git for windows 10

Link download URL: git here. The during install Vagrant steps,  You can Select as below

  • “Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt”
  • “Checkout as-is, commit Unix-style line endings”

Step 2: Downloading and Installing VirtualBox on Windows 10

Link Download URL:

Step 3: Installing Vagrant on windows 10

Link download URL:

I use Vagrant version 2.2.0 Link here.  Installing the Vagrant is very easy, then restart your machine.

Install Vagrant on Windows 10

Download and run Centos 7 Vagrant Box on Windows 10

Open Git Bash as below

$ pwd

$ mkdir VMs_vagrant

$ cd VMs_vagrant/

HuuPV@LAPTOP-HKT198TT MINGW64 ~/VMs_vagrant
$ mkdir Centos7

HuuPV@LAPTOP-HKT198TT MINGW64 ~/VMs_vagrant
$ cd Centos7/

HuuPV@LAPTOP-HKT198TT MINGW64 ~/VMs_vagrant/Centos7
$ vagrant.exe init
A `Vagrantfile` has been placed in this directory. You are now
ready to `vagrant up` your first virtual environment! Please read
the comments in the Vagrantfile as well as documentation on
`` for more information on using Vagrant.

HuuPV@LAPTOP-HKT198TT MINGW64 ~/VMs_vagrant/Centos7
$ notepad Vagrantfile

The result as the picture below

Install Vagrant on Windows 10 01

Install Vagrant on Windows 10 02

Install Vagrant on Windows 10 03

The content “Vagrantfile” file

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
config.ssh.insert_key = false
config.vm.provider :virtualbox do |vb|
  vb.memory = 256
  vb.cpus = 1
# Application server 1.
config.vm.define "app1" do |app1|
  app1.vm.hostname = "" = "centos/7" :private_network, ip: ""

Vagrant ssh (Connecting non-GUI Linux OS)

$ vagrant.exe ssh

The result as the picture below

Vagrant connect VMs

Most Common Vagrant Commands

  • vagrant init: initialize
  • vagrant up: Download image and do rest of the settings and power-up the box
  • vagrant status: Shows status
  • vagrant suspend: Saves the box’s current state
  • vagrant halt: shutdown the box (Power-off)
  • vagrant destroy: shutdown and delete the box

How to Install Vagrant on Windows 10 Youtube


Thought the article, You can “Install Vagrant on Windows 10 as above. I hope will this your helpful. Thank you for reading the DevopsRoles page!

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