Terraform commands cheat sheet


In this tutorial, to learn about Terraform commands cheat sheet.

Terraform commands cheat sheet.

Initialize the terraform stack and download provider plugins as per provider and also verify the syntax

#terraform init

How to display the preview of the resources that are going to be created, updated, and destroyed.

#terraform plan

Build or change infrastructure.

 #terraform apply

Destroy terraform-managed infrastructure.

#terraform destroy

Run plan or apply or destroy only to the target resource

#terraform plan -target=resource
#terraform apply -target=resource
#terraform destroy -target=resource

Show human-readable output from Terraform state.

#terraform show

How to validate terraform syntax

 #terraform validate

Rewrites terraform code to a canonical format. This useful run command before git commit that codes very nicely formatted.

#terraform fmt

Manually mark a resource for re-creation

#terraform taint

Download and install modules for the configurations. When you update the module.

#terraform get

Create a visual dependency graph of resources.

#terraform graph

Configure remote state storage.

#terraform remote

Use this command for advanced state management.

#terraform state


You have learned about Terraform commands cheat sheet. I hope will this your helpful. Thank you for reading the DevopsRoles page!

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