Password Protect Files on Linux


In this tutorial, How to Password Protect Files on Linux. To prevent unauthorized access to files and folders and secure them with a strong password.

To password protect files on Linux, you have multiple options. Here are a few methods you can use

How to Password Protect Files on Linux

Encrypt a File with GnuPG

I use gpg command to encrypt a file. GnuPG is a free Linux program that supports multiple encryptions for file encryption.

1. Open the terminal

2. Run the following command line to encrypt your file.

gpg -c your_file

GnuPG will create an encrypted file with .gpg extension in your current working folder.

The result is the picture below:

Password-Protect Files on Linux

To access it, you’ll need to decrypt it. For this, run the following command

gpg your_file.gpg

The result is the picture below:

How to Password-Protect Files on Linux

other encryption algorithms, first, check the supported ones by running:

gpg version

For example, you specify the desired algorithm as a command below

gpg -c --cipher-algo algorithm_name your_file

using the zip command to Encrypt a File

the zip command is another CLI utility that password-protect files on Linux. it is pre-installed on all Linux distros.

zip --password your_password file1 file2

you replace your_passowrd with the password you want to use to encrypt the archive.

Unzip the archive and enter your password. you can run the command below:


Encrypt a File Using mcrypt

list out all the supported encryption algorithms

mcrypt --list

encrypt filename

mcrypt -a algorithm_name filename

If you wish to open this file, you’ll need to decrypt it as the command below:

mcrypt -d


You have Password Protect Files on Linux. Remember to choose a strong password when prompted, and consider using a password manager to securely store your passwords. I hope will this your helpful. Thank you for reading the DevopsRoles page!

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