How to extract substring in Bash Shell

In this tutorial, How to extract substring in Bash Shell on Linux. You can use a select substring from the string. The awk command has a few useful functions. It is a substr function.

Function substr mean Returns a substring.

The syntax extract substring in Bash Shell

  • P: starting at position
  • N: it is returns N number of character’s from string S.

For example, I will use a string “HuuPV2123456789” with a length is 15 and starting position is 10.

$ echo "HuuPV2123456789" | awk '{ printf "%s", substr($0, 10, (length($0)-9)) }'

The result is below


man page function substr here. Thank you for reading the DevopsRoles page!

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1 thought on “How to extract substring in Bash Shell

  1. $ VAR=HuuPV2123456789
    $ echo ${VAR:9}
    $ echo ${VAR:9:3}
    $ echo ${VAR:9:-1}

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