Deploy a self-hosted Docker registry


In this tutorial, How to Deploy a self-hosted Docker registry with self-signed certificates. How to access it from a remote machine.

Prepare your directories

I will create on my user home directory, but you can place them in any directory.

mkdir ~/registry

Create subdirectories in the registry directory.

mkdir ~/registry/{certs,auth}

Go into the certs directory.

cd ~/registry/certs

Create a private key

openssl genrsa 1024 >
chmod 400

The output terminal is as below:

Deploy a self-hosted Docker registry

Create a docker_register.cnf file with the content as below:

nano docker_register.cnf

In that file, paste the following contents.


default_bits  = 2048

distinguished_name = req_distinguished_name

req_extensions = req_ext

x509_extensions = v3_req

prompt = no


countryName = XX

stateOrProvinceName = N/A

localityName = N/A

organizationName = Self-signed certificate

commonName = Self-signed certificate


subjectAltName = @alt_names


subjectAltName = @alt_names


IP.1 =

Note: Make sure to change IP.1 to match the IP address of your hosting server.

Save and close the file.

Generate the key with:

openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -sha1 -days 365 -key -out -config docker_register.cnf

Go into auth directory.

cd ../auth

Generate an htpasswd file

docker run --rm --entrypoint htpasswd registry:2.7.0 -Bbn USERNAME PASSWORD > htpasswd

Where USERNAME is a unique username and PASSWORD is a unique/strong password.

The output terminal is the picture below:

Deploy a self-hosted Docker registry 2

Now, Deploy a self-hosted Docker registry

Change back to the base registry directory.

cd ~/registry

Deploy the registry container with the command below:

docker run -d \

--restart=always \

--name registry \

-v `pwd`/auth:/auth \

-v `pwd`/certs:/certs \

-v `pwd`/certs:/certs \

-e REGISTRY_AUTH=htpasswd \






-p 443:443 \

Deploy a self-hosted Docker registry free

Now, you can access it from the local machine. however, you want to access it from a remote system. we need to add a ca.crt file. you need the copy the contents of the ~/registry/certs/ file.

Login in to your second machine

Create folder

sudo mkdir -p /etc/docker/certs.d/SERVER:443

where SERVER is the IP address of the machine hosting the registry.

Create the new file with:

sudo nano /etc/docker/certs.d/SERVER:443/ca.crt

paste the contents from ( from the hosting server) save and close the file.

How to login to the new registry

From the second machine.

docker login -u USER -p https://SERVER:443

Where USER is the user you added when you generated the htpasswd file above.


You have to Deploy a self-hosted Docker registry. I hope will this your helpful. Thank you for reading the DevopsRoles page!


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