Systemd Cheat Sheet Useful


In this tutorial, I write about the Systemd cheat sheet useful in Linux. Systemd provides a system and service that runs at PID 1. It tracks logged-in users and runs containers and virtual machines and more.

Logs with systemd

The contentCommand Line
View all system logsjournalctl
List boot numbersjournalctl –list-boots
View logs for unit sshjournalctl –unit ssh
View system logs from the most recentjournalctl -xe

For example the picture below

Systemd Cheat Sheet Useful
Systemd Cheat Sheet Useful 2

Introspection with systemd

The contentCommand Line
show unit file settingssystemctl show sshd
Show contents of the unit filesystemctl cat sshd
Show whether the unit is activesystemctl is-active sshd
Show whether the unit has failedsystemctl is-failed sshd
Edit unit file configurationsudo systemctl edit sshd
Restart daemonsudo systemctl daemon-reload


The contentCommand Line
Start service nginxsystemctl start nginx
Stop service nginxsystemctl stop nginx
Show status of service nginxsystemctl status nginx
Start nginx now and at system startupsystemctl enable –now nginx
At system startup, start (enable) nginxsystemctl enable nginx
At system startup, do not start nginxsystemctl disable nginx
Show whether service nginx is enabledsystemctl is-enabled nginx
Prevent service from starting (mask)systemctl mask nginx
Unmask service, allowing it to be startedsystemctl unmask nginx
List all available servicessystemctl list-unit-files –-type service

For example as below

Start service nginx
stop service nginx

Targets (runlevels)

The contentCommand line
List all available targetssystemctl list-unit-files –-type target
Show dependencies of a targetsystemctl list-dependencies nginx
Show default boot targetsystemctl get-default
Boot to a text consolesystemctl set-default multi-user
Boot to a graphical desktopsystemctl set-default graphical
Show dependencies of a target


You have to use Systemd Cheat Sheet Useful in Linux.

This cheat sheet covers the basic systemd commands, but there are many more advanced features and options available. You can refer to the systemd documentation or man pages (man systemctl) for more detailed information about specific commands or options.

I hope will this your helpful. Thank you for reading the DevopsRoles page!


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