scp command example

How to use SCP command in Linux to copy a file from one server to another. it is used to secure copy a file to or from a remote server. Linux the essential for DevOps Roles.

SCP command example

Copy file from one client location to another server location

$ scp /tmp/local.conf huupv@

Use “-r” recursive option to copy directory and sub-directories.

$ scp -r huupv@* ./your-workspace

To copy the remote file to the local directory

$ scp huupv@ /local/folder

Copying a local file to remote directory

$ scp local-text.txt huupv@

Using key files like ssh command 🙂

$ scp -i your_key.pem local-text.txt huupv@


Thought the article, you can use “SCP command example” as above. I hope will this your helpful. Thank you for reading the DevopsRoles page!


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