Oracle import dmp file

In this tutorial, How to using Oracle import dmp file.

  1. Create new schema
  2. Oracle import dmp file for new schema

Create new schema

cd /tmp
sqlplus "/as sysdba"
SQL> @/home/oracle11g/HuuPV2/CRT_SCHEMA_newhuupv

How to create new schema file CRT_SCHEMA_newhuupv

Oracle import dmp file

export NLS_LANG=American_America.UTF8
imp userid=oldhuupv/oldhuupv@DevopsRoles fromuser=oldhuupv touser=newhuupv BUFFER=100000 file=./exp_ora.dmp log=./exp_ora.log


  • File dump: exp_ora.dmp
  • Service Name: DevopsRoles
  • To schema: newhuupv


Thought the article, you can use Oracle import dmp file as above. I hope will this your helpful.

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