Install Apache cassandra on Centos 6


In this tutorial, How To Install Apache cassandra on Centos 6. Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database for storing large amounts of data in a decentralized, high availability server cluster.

Step 1: Install Java

I will install Oracle java 7 instead of OpenJDK. Link download Oracle Java 7 here

rpm -ivh /home/huupv/jdk-7u79-linux-x64.rpm

I find both executable files – OpenJDK and Oracle:

find / -name "java" -type f

Check java version

java -version

Setting up the default JDK

alternatives --config java

Step 2: Install Apache cassandra

Cassandra will be installed from the Datastax repository. Create a repository file:/etc/yum.repos.d/datastax.repo

name = DataStax Repo for Apache Cassandra
baseurl =
enabled = 1
gpgcheck = 0

Find the version

yum list dsc2*


yum install dsc21

Start and add to the auto-launch:

service cassandra start
chkconfig cassandra on


nodetool status


You have to Install Apache Cassandra on Centos 6. I hope will this your helpful. Thank you for reading the DevopsRoles page!

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