Bash script Create dir and copy specific files

In this tutorial, I will share bash script Create dir and copy specific files while changing name in Linux.

My example

path_to_files variable structure folder as below

[root@localhost ~]# tree /home/huupv/
├── devopsroles.txt
├── dir
│   └── test.csv
└── huuphan.txt

1 directory, 3 files

dir_names variable will new folder after run bash script as below

[root@localhost ~]# tree folder
├── folder-devopsroles.txt
├── folder-dir
│   └── test.csv
└── folder-huuphan.txt

1 directory, 3 files

Bash script Create dir and copy specific files and change name files/folder.


if [ ! -d $path_to_files ]; then
        echo "$path_to_files not found folder";
        exit 1;

if [ -d $dir_names ]; then
        echo "$dir_names is exists";
        exit 1;

echo "Creating $i and copying over files..."
mkdir $dir_names
for i in $(ls $path_to_files); do
    cp -rf ${path_to_files}${i} ${dir_names}/${dir_names}-$i

The result after run Bash Script

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