Bash for loop range

In this tutorial, How do I use bash for loop range step N? The seq method is simple. Bash script the essential for DevOps Roles.

Bash function for loop range

f_step_n() {
for i in $(seq 2 3 10)
echo $RESULT;

For example

  • Numbers: ‘123456789’
  • Position: 2
  • Step: 4
  • Result: 37

My Bash for loop range step N

#Length of NUMBERS
#Substring (position, length)
f_step_n() {
local P=$1;
local N=$2;
local L=$3;
for i in $(seq $P $N $L)
echo $RESULT;
echo -e "Numbers: $_NUMBERS\t Length: $_LENG\t Position: $_POSIT\t Step: $_NUMBER";
f_step_n ${_POSIT} ${_NUMBER} ${_LENG}

The screen output terminal:

Bash for loop range


Thought the article, you can use Bash for loop range as above. I hope will this your helpful. More details refer to Bash script.


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